Your guitar lessons with Max begin with a conversation about your musical hopes and dreams, your favourite guitarists and what’s on rotation in your streaming. From there it’s all about hearing you play.

That first lesson is all about establishing your musical tastes, your experience and what you want out of your guitar lessons.

Max welcomes students of all ages and abilities, and encourages interest in a range of music styles. Lessons focus on learning instrumental technique through the study of selected repertoire, and are carefully calibrated to individual interests and needs.

Whether you need help with your Wes Montgomery octaves or want to know how to wail on Hendrix, if you’ve got the blues about your blues or your bossa needs a boost, Max can help.

The guitar is the world’s most popular instrument. It’s portable, versatile and is played in so many styles across so many continents. That’s why we study a diverse range of music – there is so much to learn from each genre. Max has specialist training in Latin American, jazz and classical music, but is most passionate about teaching the music of Brazil. What style are you most passionate about?

By far the greatest obstacle to learning the guitar in the 21st century is the barrage of false gods and gurus on the internet. Online resources are often incorrect or misleading, and the most popular Insta instructors are rarely the best teachers.

When you become a student with Max’s Guitar Lessons, you join a community of like-minded musicians. These are students who swear by success. The resources, the program and the tutorials are carefully curated by Max with the individual in mind.

Don’t just read about it. Make contact for your free online trial lesson and start that conversation.

A bit of history.

Max’s Guitar Lessons has grown with Melbourne for the past ten years. Check out the poster that started it all. These went up all over Melbourne’s inner north. Little by little we have built this business from the ground up.

The poster that started it all đź’›