“Max has taught my son Oliver for two years. We have watched him grow from a beginner to being able to read music and play without any help. It has surprised us to see Oliver playing and loving music. My husband and I don’t know where it came from because neither of us are musical!”

Claire, Essendon


“Max has taken Nathan’s guitar playing to the next level. Nathan has always loved the guitar and had three teachers before we found Max on a recommendation from a friend. We have watched Nathan’s musical world open up and are happy he has found a passion.”

Joe and Eliza, Ascot Vale


“Isla began lessons with Max one year ago and is coming along. She was a quiet kid before she started but I have noticed her becoming more confident as she learns new skills. The hardest thing for Isla has been learning to practise regularly but she is determined and always has a go. We want her to keep learning because her dad plays piano and I played violin at school and we think music is great for kids. We love Max! He has a friendly nature and keeps the lessons fun.”

Emily, Brunswick